Outside territory & golf


Seedri Puhketalu spacious outside territory offers versatile options for leisure time.

It is possible to spend time organizing game sports: football, volleyball, basketball, darts, archery, air gun shooting, orienteering, table tennis, corona.

For children activity, we have a playground: swing, sandbox, field hockey.

We have two barbecue chambers/huts. Barbecue hut located near Holiday House offers a possibility to spend time with family or friends, have some barbecue and listen to chirping birds at the same time. The second barbecue hut near Vip sauna offers a possibility to make pancakes on the outside cooker or bloat a meat and fish in the smoke oven.

There are severals ponds located on our territory, which offer a good opportunity to take a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. Center of our biggest pond is located a small island with a swing on it.

On Seedri Puhketalu territory, there is located Keevlätte spring, which is under the protection of the National Heritage Board. Legend says that spring water has healing power.


We offer also a possibility to play golf in the form of Pay&Play – 5€. Nevertheless, it is important to contact us beforehand since the whole complex might be occupied for other events.

The course was initially started for own practice purposes by building the 5 greens. The greens were built with soil mix comparable to professional courses – sand, organic matter ratio 9:1. Furthermore, the grass used is fescue which can be used also at other courses in Estonia, e.g. Pärnu Bay. However, the maintenance level and thus also the green quality isn’t comparable to the professional courses, but it is still fair enough to satisfy one’s golf needs ;).

The course is suitable for both beginners and players with a rather low handicap. This is due to the reason that most of the greens are guarded with water hazards as well as OB, not to add that the greens are smaller than usual – approximately 120 sq.m. However, as a benefit for a beginner player, the course is short offering mainly PAR 3 holes (with the exception of one 400m PAR 4 crossing 2 water hazards).

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